Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello from southwest Virginia!
It is so beautiful this morning, I wanted to stay at home and play in my yard.  But, I remembered I had one of our wonderful sales reps. coming today and the thoughts of working in the yard were left behind.  I was excited to come and play with Don instead!  He should have some new toys to show us, and we'll be planning a lot of the Christmas ordering.  I know! It seems too early (and hot) to think about the holidays, but, in retail we have to start working on our 'Hot Toy' list now.

I also thought I would start sharing some pictures of our staff with you.  Our 'Toy Experts' are so much fun!  I hope you'll come in and meet them soon!! 
This is Glisyn.  She is our resident entertainer. She had visions of moving to NYC and being famous, but instead she's wearing a hula skirt and putting on performances for our customers daily!  She started out running our property management office, then was quickly drawn in to the toys.  She still rents our apartments to many of the VT Hokies, but she can't resist trying out all the new games and dress up clothes!

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